Something is coming to an end

but the end is only the beginning


Exuviated is a Belgian Death Metal band fast-tracked in 2009 by the release of a first EP called An Era’s Condemned. Things started to speed up after a year of warming into playing a lot of concerts around the local scene. The band performed in 2010 on Belgian and European quality stages and had the chance to play gigs with metal legends as Six Feet Under, Dark Tranquility and Illdisposed.

Strengthened by their first successes, the guys switched to the second shift by releasing an album called Morpheus Orphan. In 2012, this second release was elected Best Autoproduction of March by the French magazine Metallian and allowed the band to perform at Wacken Open Air Festival.

In the fall of 2015, Exuviated gave birth to its third opus Last Call To The Void on the label Spinal Records. This new gun was recorded and mixed at Noise Factory Studio by Gérald Jans and mastered at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden by the famous Jens Bogren.

Exuviated took part in The Tyrants Of Death European Tour in March 2016 with prominent Death Metal bands Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation and Abiotic. The quintet’s reputation continues to grow show after show.


Last Call To The VoidAlbum - 2015

Released on 20th of November 2015 on Spinal Records. Recorded & mixed by Gérald Jans at Noise Factory Studio, mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.

Morpheus OrphanAlbum - 2011

Released on 8th of October 2011. Distributed by UltimHate Records. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gérald Jans at Noise Factory Studio.

An Era's CondemnedEP - 2009

Released on 13th of February 2009. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Rising Recordìng Studìo.


16 Jan.


Premix 2019. Work in progress...

2 Dec.


Currently at the Noise Factory Studio!

14 Nov.


The recording of our next EP is progressing at great speed and will be finalised at the Noise Factory Studio in early December.




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